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Look closely at a fine Soumak Persian Rug and you’ll marvel at the lively details: birds, dragons, and ponies of ever variety. You’ll see that a zoo full of creatures has moved onto the rug, making it their home, snuggling in the wool. The Soumak designs are known as some of the finest rugs ever created. According to Sima Vaghti, owner of The Rug Gallery, located in Santa Rosa, California , the Soumak designs are a favorite choice of many American. Some Soumak rugs are more than a hundred years old, and a barefoot walk across one of these antiques is like a stroll through history.

Sima, a U.S. citizen who was born in Iran, has nearly a dozen Persian rugs in her own home. Especially in the winter months, Sima likes to curl up on the plush Persian Rug in front of her fireplace with a hot cup of coffee. “They bring warmth, happiness, and color into every home,” she says, “A home without a rug, is like a kiss without a hug.”

Sima earned her Ph.D. at the University of Chicago , and later became a university professor herself teaching at several prominent schools in California , Texas , and Utah . She decided to open a Persian Rug store because she says,

“My dream has been to bring something special from my culture to the people who appreciate ancient crafts, arts, and good quality.” — Sima Vaghtiunnamed

In selecting a rug, quality is determined by examining how tightly and closely the knots are tied on the backside. Each of the rugs available at The Rug Gallery was hand-made in Iran. Most Persian Rugs are made of wool; some have silk adornments woven in, and a few rare rugs are made entirely of silk. Some rugs take years to make with a team of workers crafting the tightly woven strands into intricate patterns. Quality rugs, like all those found at The Rug Gallery, last over a hundred years, and are often handed down in families as heirlooms. “I look for age,” Sima says, “the older the better. The value of a rug increases with time.

Due to international market conditions, prices of Persian Rugs have never been better, says Sima. The Rug Gallery has a broad range of quality rugs, including stair and hall runners, from different parts of Iran , such as


Bakhtiari , Sarouk , Kashan, Nain, Tabriz, Qum and more. We have added rugs to our inventory from India, Pakistan, Egypt and some other countries because of their superior quality and beautiful design.
We look forward to helping our customers with specific taste select a rug from these fine weavers. We also offer custom made rugs for your home up to 14 – 18 feet….

We stand behind the quality of our products regardless of size and price. Each rug from The Rug Gallery is guaranteed to bring an atmosphere of tranquility, beauty, and elegance into your home. “They are truly astonishing,” Sima says, “I’ve never seen anyone not be in awe of a quality Persian Rug”.

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