What is the difference between Oriental rug and Persian rug?

An Oriental rug is hand woven, comes from what was once considered the Orient, is made of wool cotton or silk and colored with natural vegetable dyes. Persian rugs are oriental rugs that have been woven in Iran or the former Persian Empire.

How is the price determined?

The price is determined based on several factors such as skill of the weaving, intricacy of the design, quality of the wool and the dyes, age of the rug, and also supply and demand.

How are the rugs names determined?

The rug’s name comes from the tribe or region the design originates.

How long does take to weave an average rug?

It can take from several months to several years depending on the size, quality and design.

What does fine quality mean?

Fine quality refers to finely woven with a high knot count.

Does the value of Persian rugs increase with age?

Yes! Like any work of art, the value of a fine quality rug will increase with age.

Why is vegetable dye important?

Natural vegetable dye provides beautiful and distinctive colors that compliment each other and their environment, it ages beautifully, and indigo dye (blues) actually helps preserve the wool.

Why is there variation in the coloring?

The variation in color is called abrash and can depend on the skill of the dyer, the quality of wool and how it’s spun, and the depth of the absorption. Hand spun wool has more variation than machine spun.

What makes a rug an antique?

A rug is an antique if it 100 or more years old.

Are Persian rugs hard to maintain?

Not at all! Wool rugs are more resilient, clean better and stay clean longer. Rugs Should be vacuumed regularly, rotated every 6-12 months in high traffic areas to ensure even wear, and cleaned professionally every 1-3 years. Also padding under the rug will prolong its life.

Can Persian rug be used on top of carpet?

Yes, short pile carpet works best, with longer pile carpet a rug pad can be used.

Are Persian rugs environmentally friendly?

Yes! A Persian rug will last for generations maintaining its beauty. The rugs are stain and fire resistant. When hung on the wall they can act as insulation, helping to lower energy costs. The materials used are from nature and completely sustainable. Purchasing Persian rugs from a reputable dealer helps to support the Artisans who weave them.

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