#1400-3 (9'4in x 6'11in) Afghan Bokhara Turkmen

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A Bokhara Turkmen rug (or Turkmen carpet) is a type of handmade floor-covering textile traditionally originating in Central Asia (especially in Turkmenistan and Afghanistan). It is useful to distinguish between the original Turkmen tribal rugs and the rugs produced in large numbers for export mainly in Pakistan and Iran today. The original Turkmen rugs were produced by the Turkmen tribes, for various purposes, including tent rugs, door hangings and bags of various sizes. They were made entirely from wool, with geometrical designs that varied from tribe to tribe. Most famous are the Yomut, Ersari, Saryk, Salor, and Tekke. In these export rugs, various patterns and colors are used, but the most typical is that of the Bukhara design, which derives from the Tekke main carpet, often with a red or tan background (picture). Another favorite is derived from the Ersari main carpet, with the octagonal elephant’s foot design.

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